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PetStories: Where Pet Passion Meets Ecommerce Success

Turning Passion into Profit

At PetStories, their love for pets was undeniable, but their potential was untapped. With an existing presence on Allegro, it was time for them to have a platform they could truly call their own—one they could promote, optimize, and watch sales grow.

What We Did

We took their pet passion and turned it into profit. We created a dedicated ecommerce website, designed to drive more sales, and made their customers happy. With a strong focus on making their website visible and easy to use, PetStories’ dream became a reality.

Now, they have their very own place online. They’re growing, they’re thriving, and their love for pets is helping them succeed.

CEO Review

“I was worried at first because they had fewer clients compared to other teams I considered. But even with fewer clients, their team was incredibly dedicated and focused on our project. They managed to achieve what two other teams of developers couldn’t, and I’m impressed with the results they delivered.”

Raisa Tytarenko
CEO of PetStories